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One True Love: Frerard OS
Gerard's POV
I slowly walked through the paddock as the lights of the various cameras from the paparazzi flashed around me. Yes bigger shocker right a rookie at one of the big name teams. I heard the ramble of people around me all screaming my name asking various different question about how I got this signing to the reigning champions. I turned my eyes to see my main rivals drifting around their garage, my eyes lock onto their new rookie. My breath got caught in my throat when I realised who it was. Frank. I haven't seen him since the day when he asked me to stay out of his life. I took a deep breath as I shuddered at the thought. I finally reached my garage and was met by my team-mate, "Hi, Gerard you excited for the race!" my team-mate asked, the youngest ever world champion and back-to-back champion. Yeah no competition then.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 2 hours later ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
It was finally time for the race to begin, luckily for me I qualified in 3rd yesterday with Sebastia
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Let Me Tell You A Story - Frerard OS
Frank's POV
Let me tell you a story about a boy and a girl. Well boy and boy.
As I sat slumped in my room I heard the pounding of the bass of You Me At Six's song The Dilemma erupting through the floor boards from Gerard's room below me. Urgh Gerard. Gerard. How can I describe him? Someone who cares. Someone who is desperate. A golden girl with golden hair. No seriously that man is a bastard when he has hair-dye!
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ after many hours of quite rambling and The Dilemma on repeat when a power-cut occurs ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
SHIT!!! What happened? My train of thought was interrupted by my bedroom being flung open, I quickly jumped into a sitting position.
"Who...who's there?"
"Awh Frankie you little pussy it's only me!"
"Gerard you scared the crap out of me!!"
"Well, seeing as the other's are out drinking and there is a massive thunder storm going on out side, who else could it have been?"
"Well, who do you think you are?" I questioned with a smirk.
It took a moment before Gerar
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Tyler Durden by ThatFreakyWerido Tyler Durden :iconthatfreakywerido:ThatFreakyWerido 3 6 Jared Leto Meme by ThatFreakyWerido Jared Leto Meme :iconthatfreakywerido:ThatFreakyWerido 3 4
What Happens On Tour Stays On Tour P.11
Gerard playfully rolled off of Frank before strolling out of the green room, to find is brother with the magical drink. Frank slowly breathed to himself to slow down his increased heart rate, but realised there would be no point as he would be going on stage in roughly 40 minutes. After slowly forcing himself off of the sofa, Frank quickly strolled out of the green room to find out where the rest of his had disappeared to. Only to stumble upon the rest of his band whispering about something but stopped the second he walked into the room. Frank quirked a curious eyebrow at Gerard who blushed slightly before strutting out of the room, coffee in hand. Gerard turned back round to Frank and nudged his head to the door and raised an eyebrow to wait to see what Frank's reaction was going to be. Frank ducked his before following Gerard, to what looked like outside of the venue – luckily there wasn't any fans lurking around back here and they could faintly hear The Blackout on stage throug
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Alex, again 2 by ThatFreakyWerido Alex, again 2 :iconthatfreakywerido:ThatFreakyWerido 1 0 Jack, again by ThatFreakyWerido Jack, again :iconthatfreakywerido:ThatFreakyWerido 1 0 Jack by ThatFreakyWerido Jack :iconthatfreakywerido:ThatFreakyWerido 1 0 Alex, again by ThatFreakyWerido Alex, again :iconthatfreakywerido:ThatFreakyWerido 1 0 Jack and Microphone Stand by ThatFreakyWerido Jack and Microphone Stand :iconthatfreakywerido:ThatFreakyWerido 1 0


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Mature content
In This Place- Frerard- oneshot :iconslaughter-the-hate:slaughter-the-hate 4 6
The Joker Finds New Love by HauntNav The Joker Finds New Love :iconhauntnav:HauntNav 1 0
Children Of The Night - Part One.
Children Of The Night – Chapter 1
This story starts with not the beginning but the end, of which you have yet to understand. I am now a beast, a demon and a mean-hearted creature from whence the depths of evil came.
I once was a man, respectable and non-existent to the minds of Estonians, until my fate caught unto me and I know now not to question the unquestionable. I have learnt my cursed lesson in the hopes that you shall listen to my words of experience enough to keep the doors shut, lock your windows and protect yourself from any harm. I am Shannen Hunter. My change is my curse, and these words are but an account of the day things had played into the hands of fate and supernatural beings.
In the year of 1819, I witnessed the death of my sister Melissa. I knew not what killed her then, as it seemed like an illness that could not be treated. She died at only 19 years of age, soon to be married and had everything to live for. We grieved for several weeks, as she was the heart of
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Welcome Miles by Jossan-chan Welcome Miles :iconjossan-chan:Jossan-chan 32 17 Panda Bread by A-Killjoy Panda Bread :icona-killjoy:A-Killjoy 6 2 She Doesn't Even Go Here! by 98shiningstar She Doesn't Even Go Here! :icon98shiningstar:98shiningstar 2 2
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Couldn't take your eyes off me. :iconartis-thekey:ArtIs-TheKey 9 13
Mothers day.
I don't no where this is from and it's not mine. My brother posted it on Facebook and it brought me to tears, it made me realise how much I really miss her and how this day sucks without her.
If roses grow in heaven lord
Please pick a bunch for me.
Place then in her arms
And tell her theyre from me.
Tell her that I love and miss her
And when she turns to smile
Place a kiss apon her cheek
And hold her for a while
Because remembering her is easy
I do it everyday
But there's an ache in my heart
That will never go away.
I love you and I will always miss you. You're my mum and you will never ever be forgotten.
:iconartis-thekey:ArtIs-TheKey 1 7
Keep calm and... by ArtIs-TheKey Keep calm and... :iconartis-thekey:ArtIs-TheKey 3 0 Hollywood Tower. by ArtIs-TheKey Hollywood Tower. :iconartis-thekey:ArtIs-TheKey 2 0 Jack and the beanstalk by ArtIs-TheKey Jack and the beanstalk :iconartis-thekey:ArtIs-TheKey 2 0
Demolition Lovers. Part Four.
The bus arrived at the hotel in the early afternoon, Frank lost track of time after the second service station stop. Mr Way got them all into the little hotel lobby and started to sort out the rooms.
"Right, There is a odd number of boys so if anyone here doesn't mind being alone come and get your key, the rest of you get into pairs of who you want to room with and them we will go from there." Mr Way started handing out keys to waiting pairs of girls. Frank pushed his way to the front of the crowd, he was determined to get the room to himself; he had always hated sharing a room.
"Urm, is the one room still going?" Frank crossed his fingers behind his back.
"Yes it is. However Frank can we trust you by yourself?" Mrs Hewitt (The other Art Teacher) raises her eyebrow; she is nice but never liked Frank after he swapped the white paint for glue in his first year.
"Yes ma'am." Frank smiles and nods his head furiously. He needs this room.
Mr Way walks up to them and places his hand on Franks
:iconartis-thekey:ArtIs-TheKey 2 5
How To Make The TCFSR  Armband [Instructions] by SennaSaurus How To Make The TCFSR Armband [Instructions] :iconsennasaurus:SennaSaurus 85 15



ThatFreakyWerido's Profile Picture
Chloe Hewitt
Artist | Photography
United Kingdom
Hi, I'm Chloe.

I have only two interests in life which are music and Formula One.

I wish to be a sports journalist one day.
  • Listening to: F1 Cars
  • Reading: Tumblr
  • Watching: Japanese Grand Prix Highlights
I've had no muse to write Frerard lately, but I really feel like writing some F1 fics so if I did would anyone read them if I include a bit of information of the drivers.

It would mainly be a combination of:

Sebastian Vettel:…
Mark Webber:…
Jenson Button:…

There maybe some other drivers, but it would mainly be those 3.

Please give me your opinion, it would be largely appreciated!



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